BOOST-YOUR-BOND online team building

BOOST-YOUR-BOND online team building

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  • "I don't feel close to my colleagues these days"
  • "In my team, we don't really know each other besides what we do at work"
  • "I am afraid I will be judged when I voice my ideas, concerns, opinion."
  • "Some people in my team are hard to collaborate with"
  • "Our conflicts never get properly solved"
  • "Making mistakes is not appreciated in my team"
  • "it's not clear to me what the vision of our team is"

Have any of these thoughts crossed your mind recently? 

But would you rather...

  • Have a team that's build on trust
  • Be able to work together efficiently despite everyone's difference and past conflicts
  • Feel connected to your colleagues
  • Have a strong team vision to strive for together
  • Be able to openly share what you think in team meetings, without stressing over it
  • Have a team that continuously grows and supports one another

Boost-Your-Bond online team building - EARLY BIRD NOW €249 INSTEAD OF €299 for the first 20 teams

BYB is an online team session via Zoom, facilitated by us, with a strong focus on increasing the connection with your colleagues, improving collaboration and creating a team that's based on trust.

What's included in the Boost-Your-Bond online team building? 

  •  A tailor-made team building session! Through an intake form, we tailor the session to your team's specific needs, challenges and priorities. 
  • 2 to 2,5 hrs session online 
  • A report with the output of the team exercises 
  • Coaching call afterwards on how to keep boosting your team bond in the future